Chiropractic: A Risky Career

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Here’s a great article on why Chiropractic is such a poor career choice.

This was written years ago, but nothing has changed — except that chiropractors are making even less money now!

All students should read this article… here’s a few quotes:

Many who choose chiropractic as a career have been misled by government policies and educational counseling materials that portray chiropractic as part of standard health care. Prospective students are lured by false promises of status and success. At most chiropractic colleges, students are exposed to cultlike indoctrination into a deviant belief system. They are taught false theories of disease and healing and persuaded to accept them as gospel. They are taught to disdain science and distrust medical doctors. A few reform-minded schools are trying to move away from teaching chiropractic philosophy as a substitute for science, but these are under attack as heretical.

Many new graduates are dumped into the cold, hard world where survival values often displace ethics. Many discover that they are not in a true profession, but a guild of survivors who must sink or swim. A large percentage ­ half, according to chiropractic sources ­ fail in practice. This is one reason that chiropractors have the unhappy distinction of having the highest default rate of all who obtain Health Education Assistance Loans from the federal government. (Figures released in January 1998 showed that 817 chiropractors owed a total of $59 million. The current default list can be seen on the Health Resources & Services Administration Web site.)

CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE (“Why Becoming A Chiropractor May Be Risky”)

Please forward this post to anyone you know who is considering attending chiropractic college.


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