Student Loan Justice Discussion Forum

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Here is a link to a great discussion forum for students with loans who want to stay updated on all the latest news; you can also ask questions:

If anyone posts on that group, please mention our blog.


Student Loans: Leaving The Country

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A reader of this blog contributed the following article.

Leaving the Country:

If you have students loans that are so high, it is a mathematically impossibility to pay back, you may have to leave the country.

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How To Consolidate Your Loans Into Direct Loans and Get Them Out Of Sallie Mae

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The reasons for switching from Sallie Mae to Direct Loans are many, but let’s start with the first one: Direct Loans will FORGIVE the loan balance after 25 years of payments… even if you are on an “Income Sensitive Payment Plan”.

Now, 25 years may seem like a long time to have such a massive amount of non-dischargeable debt (some chiropractic graduates have as much as $200,000!!), but Sallie Mae will NEVER forgive the loans. In my opinion, this is basically a debt prison that you can’t ever get out of.

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