Podcasts on Chiropractic Quackery

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Two episodes of the Quackcast podcast were devoted to the subject of chiropractic. They are a good listen for anyone who wants to learn a little about the history of this profession.

Direct links to audio files (which you can download and listen to on your computer) are included below.

QuackCast 10. History and Theory of Chiropractic
The theory of chiropractic is reviewed and found to be wanting when compared with reality. It has no biologic or physiologic plausibility. But it doesn’t stop the AMA having its legal rear handed them by the Chiropractors. Copyright 2006 creative common.org.
QuackCast 11. Evidence to Support Efficacy and Complications of Chiropractic
Does Chiropractic work for low back pain? Other diseases? Is it safe? What does it take to get into Chiropractic School? The answer to all this and more in this podcast. Copyright 2006, creative commons.

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