Chiropractic Student Debt Blog Is In Archive Mode

March 16, 2009 at 6:40 pm | Posted in Chiropractic Student Debt, Latest News | Leave a comment

I have decided that the best use of my limited online time is to make people aware of ALL STUDENT DEBT — rather than just the problems in chiropractic¬† — and have launched a new blog:


Please link to the new blog now — I need your help.

The best posts related to chiropractic student debt have been moved there, and I hope to post new articles related to the student loan problems that so many face.

For now, this blog will remain online in archive mode. So many people have read it and linked to it, that it’s a shame to take it down. But I will no longer be updating it. I hope it leaves a LONG TAIL of information for those considering chiropractic college to consider carefully.


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