See What The Future Of Chiropractic Looks Like

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Greg Stanley, the president of Whitehall Management, a leading chiropractic management consulting company, recently published an essay in Dynamic Chiropractic called “The Sustainability of Chiropractic”.

No big surprise, folks… the outlook for Chiropractic as a career choice looks HORRIBLE.


I believe the current flow of DCs into the marketplace is unsustainable. In time, we’ll see the price of an adjustment fall to levels that won’t support free-standing offices. In my consulting practice, we get calls each day from doctors practicing in the living room of their mother’s mobile home, wanting to know if we have a consulting program that can save them. Currently, the student loan default rate in chiropractic is twice as high as all other health care disciplines combined.

Am I saying chiropractic is in danger of being eliminated from the health care scene? No, but it’s in the slow and steady process of being changed from its current status as a highly profitable, free-standing, entrepreneurial career to that of a second job for most of the profession.

Please read this ENTIRE article before you even THINK about signing up for chiropractic loans!!


Remember, I didn’t write this… it was written by someone IN THE PROFESSION, and published in one of the profession’s most read magazines.


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