Chiropractor works 2 jobs to chip away at $165,000 in school debt

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Here’s another recent newspaper feature showing what it’s really like after you graduate from chiropractic college (with mountains of student loan debt):

Chiropractor works 2 jobs to chip away at $165,000 in school debt – from USA Today

(click HERE for the full story)

The story is quite familiar to those of us taken in by the chiropractic promise of being a “successful doctor”:

Yet despite her two jobs, she’s still struggling to pay her living expenses and the minimum monthly payments on her student loan and credit card debts.

She’s amassed nearly $165,000 in student loan debt from attending graduate school at Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier. She graduated in April 2005 with a degree in chiropractic health.

While at the university, she borrowed for tuition, books and living expenses. (The $165,000 she borrowed is just principal, not interest.) She also has about $9,000 in credit card debt and a $4,000 car loan.

There’s even a video. You’ll note that this woman is well-spoken, intelligent, and hard-working yet she still can’t pay back her loans. The chiropractic colleges make wild claims about how much money you can make after graduation and often claim that chiropractors who can’t pay back their loans are “losers”. As this story shows, that is not the reality.

Meanwhile, check out this page called Student Debt Alert, which informs us that “nearly two-thirds of all four-year college graduates now have student loans” and “the number of students who graduate with over $25,000 in loan debt has tripled since the early 1990s”:

Student Debt Alert:

Thanks to everyone who has supported the blog by sending me articles and your own personal “war stories”. Thanks for linking to this site and for telling everyone the truth about chiropractic and student debt.


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